May 15,2017

eMemory Taps into IoT Markets with its Game-Changing Security IP

Hsinchu, Taiwan (May 15, 2017) –As Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) have become an increasingly popular security technology, eMemory (TPE:3529) today announced the launch of NeoPUF, a game-changing IP innovation which equips every single chip with its own unique “fingerprint”, to capitalize on the growing security demand among IoT applications.

eMemory, a leading NVM (Non Volatile Memory)IP provider, introduced its latest specialty IP product NeoPUF today, following a series of successful IP licenses on various applications across industries. The high-security and cost-effective solution is an innovative technology that can bring great competitive advantages to both eMemory and its clients in the fast-growing IoT market.

According to market research institutions, there will be over 20 billions of “connected” things in use worldwide by 2020. With the ramp-up of IoT related devices and applications, security issues have become a growing concern desperately in need of a quality solution.

“Identification, encryption, and authentication are an integral part of IoT applications, and the demand is strong for an innovative solution to address those security needs”, said Dr. Evans Yang, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at eMemory. “NeoPUF IP makes each chip unique with its own random code, which can be called an IC fingerprint and this is without doubt an ideal security solution in the Internet-connected world of the future.”

Silicon Physical Unclonable Functions (PUFs) have in recent years become a promising security technology and the trend is set to take off soon. eMemory’s NeoPUF, together with the company’s flagship product NeoFuse, is expected to be used in a wide range of chips and the IoT market will see particularly strong demand.

NeoPUF is a game-changing innovation for eMemory to strengthen its foothold in the security markets. It can provide high-end security functions, and most importantly, it can be integrated into design and manufacturing processes at a relatively short time frame, a benefit especially attractive to clients who want to speed up time-to-market to capture market shares fast.

Aside from IoT, NeoPUF can also be used in a variety of areas such as data center, cloud computing, smartphone, smart car, smart card, and bio-electronics.
The chip embedded with NeoPUF can generate a key for authentication, identification and encryption. It also can be used as digital signature for the protection of the hardware, as well as be used for secure booting and device root of trust.

In general, every chip is different from others for their tiny little variations created at each step of the chip fabrication process. NeoPUF takes advantage of the nano-scale variations, and extracts a unique and unpredictable code accordingly.

The technology stands out for its features of randomness (Unpredictability) and high reliability. It can withstand external influences including temperature and voltage and is seen as more reliable as compared to the existing security technologies, which uses mismatching circuit or hardware noise to generate random codes.