April 02,2018

eMemory, Europractice IC Service form eNVM IP partnership

eMemory announces its collaboration with Europractice to offer eMemory’s eNVM (Embedded Non-volatile Memory) IP to European academia and startups.  

Under the announced partnership, eMemory will provide its eNVM solutions through the world-leading research and innovation hub imec in the Europractice IC Service program for startups as well as over 600 universities and research institutes in the Europe region. Under the partnership agreement, eMemory will provide its one-time programmable and multi-time programmable memory solutions to Europractice clients. Imec can offer flexible support for project tape-outs to selected companies and academia.

The partnership between Europractice and eMemory aligns very well with the efforts funded by the European Commission to drive innovation among European entrepreneurs and universities by providing state-of-the-art ASIC design, prototyping, and system integration services at an affordable cost.  

“eMemory values innovation and we’re glad to support the universities and startups in Europe,” said Michael Ho, Vice President of Business Development at eMemory. “Through the partnership, the researchers and entrepreneurs are now able to use our IP and speed things up to realize their innovative ideas in silicon.”

“We are happy to add eMemory’s eNVM IP to the technology offering of the Europractice program. The European academia and startups can count on eMemory’s expertise in eNVM and benefit from its reliable IP offerings, “said Romano Hoofman, Europractice coordinator. “Europractice has always been committed to providing the best solutions to its clients.”

Europractice IC service, coordinated by imec, was created in 1995 to provide the European academia and fabless companies cutting-edge IC design, prototyping, and manufacture technologies.

As the world’s leading eNVM IP provider, eMemory’s OTP and MTP solutions are adopted by foundries and fabless companies worldwide. The foundation IP enables parameter adjustment and function configuration throughout the product life cycle.