June 25,2019

eMemory’s NeoFuse Qualified on Winbond 25nm DRAM Process

Hsinchu, Taiwan (June 25, 2019) –eMemory today announced that NeoFuse, its one-time programmable (OTP) non-volatile memory IP, has been qualified on Winbond 25nm DRAM process technology and ready for production.

eMemory’s NeoFuse is compatible with existing DRAM process and can be used for DRAM repair in both chip probing (CP) tests and final tests to achieve multi-time repairs, thus reducing the cost of laser trimming and repair setup time and facilitating manufacturing flow. The post-packaging chip repair capability also significantly improves yield and benefits for multi-chip packaging (MCP) products.

“eMemory’s eNVM solutions have been widely embedded in billions of chips for a variety of applications,” said Michael Ho, VP of Business Development at eMemory. “We are pleased to collaborate with Winbond, a leading global supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, to extend our NeoFuse technology on its 25nm DRAM process to enhance testing flexibility and efficiently offer DRAM products targeting a top-tier clientele and quality-oriented applications.”

The announcement is a crucial milestone for eMemory’s collaboration with Winbond.  eMemory and Winbond are also working on the implementation of an NVM solution for next-generation DRAM processes, to be released in the near future.