Community Contributions

eMemory is a community-oriented company devoted to sharing our success with society. From educational events to disaster relief, we are always an active member in community affairs.

  • eMemory has partnered with National Tsing-Hua University (NTHU) to develop a one semester course entitled “Special Topics on Logic Non-volatile Memory”. Employees were invited to share their professional knowledge of Logic NVM with students, in the hope of developing future talent and enhancing industry competitiveness.
  • eMemory has offered copies of LOGIC NON-VOLATILE MEMORY-The NVM Solutions from eMemory to schools, businesses, and universities in order to promote professional education and advanced research in Logic NVM.
  • eMemory has offered scholarships and sponsorships to NTHU to encourage academic research and cultivate talent.
  • eMemory has been collaborating with schools to offer summer intern programs, helping students to explore their potential in a professional working environment.
  • eMemory conducts company tours for students—sharing eMemory’s business concepts and technological know-how to inspire students who are interested in a career in the industry.
  • Sharing is at the heart of Christmas. Each year eMemory donates Christmas gifts to charities to share the happiness of this special holiday with children.
  • eMemory works with NGOs donating computers and accessories to schools in remote areas to help upgrade their facilities.
  • eMemory sponsors the educational organization “Teach For Taiwan” to enhance the elementary education environment.
  • eMemory supports disaster relief by making contributions to relief organizations.
  • eMemory employees often volunteer to collect and donate reusable resources to charity organizations which are in need.