EcoBit is an ultra-low-power embedded logic MTP solution that supports a SPEC on array density of up to about 8K bits, consumes only micro-Watts of power, achieves 10K~100K-times electrical prgram/erase-cycling endurance and requires no additional masks or process changes. Through the excellent design of the power domain and operating current management, EcoBit technology is the best embedded NVM choice for passive RFID tags, low-power mobile devices or IoT applications.

Low Power

Sub-μ-joule write,p-joule read

Fast Time to Market

No process tuning,Easy porting to derivative processes

Low Voltage

Read voltage down to 0.7V

Compact Size

For 512bits~8K bits applications

Technical Principles

EcoBit silicon IP uses an innovative memory unit, differential sensing scheme, and superb power management to function predominantly at ultra-low voltage and achieve ultra-low-power operations. 

The memory array enables data-write functions in a byte or word (2-byte) unit to meet the needs of frequent write cycles to random addresses. EcoBit silicon IP’s efficient high-voltage system and power-managing driver/memory matrix reads and writes data using only passive power, yielding greater efficiency and flawless data writing and access.

Use Cases & Functionality 

EcoBit silicon IPs use ultra-low power to read and write data, thus accommodating applications with severe power restrictions. Cost and power consumption are key concerns for passive RFID tags, low-power sensors, battery-saving mobile ICs and other IoT chips. EcoBit IP, the embedded logic MTP solution, is the best replacement for traditional EEPROM chips for such applications.