NeoFlash is a single-poly embedded NVM device offering outstanding endurance properties, achieving over 100K program/erase cycles with density per customers' request.

eMemory’s NeoFlash is a logic-based single poly embedded non-volatile memory. It is highly scalable, requires only 2–3 additional non-critical masks, and can be implemented seamlessly on CMOS logic processes ranging from 180nm to 22nm HKMG. NeoFlash promises an excellent embedded non-volatile memory solution for most system-on-a-chip applications thanks to its simple process, robust design, and low cost.

Low Cost

No new Capex
Compact cell size
2~3 additional masks

High Scalability

From 180nm to 22nm
Hi-K Metal gate compatible


High efficiency PFET hot electron program
Zero-Current F-N erase

Fast Time to Market

Large CHE Program Window
No retention outlier

High Endurance

Universal ONO module
Easy process tweak
Easy porting to HV/BCD

Technical Principles

NeoFlash consists of two p-channel transistors in series: a thick-gate transistor for access selection and a charge-trapping SONOS transistor for data storage. NeoFlash utilizes channel hot electron injection to achieve fast but energy-efficient programming and a mature channel Fowler-Nordheim (F-N) tunneling mechanism to attain reliable and power-saving erasing.

Use Cases & Functionality 

NeoFlash is one of the best solutions for code storage and parameter setting for most SoC chips. NeoFlash provides the best cost structure with a large NVM density for code storage in MCU-like chips. Many sensor controllers require embedded NVM to record sensor characteristics provided by different vendors to give the best system performance. NeoFlash also provides a wide density range for various applications.



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