PUF-based Solutions

Solutions embedded with NeoPUF IP can generate inherent and unique random numbers which can be used as UID, root key or nonce for security functions such as root of trust, key management, authentication and encryption.

eMemory's subsidiary PUFsecurity has developed a portfolio of security solutions based on eMemory's NeoPUF and NeoFuse technology, including root of trust, and secure crypto coprocessor, etc. With built-in entropy, these solutions are easy to be dropped in any SoC design and powerful to support CPU executing numerous security functions and removing burdens on CPU. With these solutions, clients can easily realize Secure Boot, OTA, TLS, Key Management, Secure Storage, Real-time Data Encryption/Decryption, and even broaden the secure boundary to external flash protection.


NeoPUF is embedded as the foundation for root-of-trust, root key or static entropy pool


Traditional HSM solutions transformed into tiny chip IPs help clients cut substantial costs


Complete embedded solutions are easily adopted into existing systems


Designs include comprehensive anti-tamper circuitry and countermeasures

With these requirements in mind, we have developed integrated security solutions including the PUF-based root-of-trust solution, PUFrt, the PUF-based secure crypto coprocessor, PUFcc, and more security solutions under development. All of these solutions are designed to help our clients enjoy the benefit from PUF technology with high-performance, adoption flexibility and excellent service.


PUFcc is a novel high-security crypto coprocessor providing the functions of root of trust (PUFrt), key generation, block cipher, integrity check, identity verification and more.


PUFrt is a 5-in-1 HRoT solution composed of PUFsecurity’s PUF-based products including PRTC (APB I/F), PUFuid, PUFtrng, PUFkeyst, and comprehensive anti-tamper designs.

Other PUF-based Solutions

PUF-based security function IP blocks include PUFuid, PUFtrng, secure OTP and crypto IPs such as AES, ECC and SHA.