Camera Module

Camera modules are widely used in mobile, surveillance, industrial and automotive equipment to provide image data for social media, security monitors, ADAS, machine learning and artificial intelligence purposes. A camera module includes a lens structure, a CCD or CMOS image sensor (CIS), an image signal processor (ISP), an autofocus actuator and optical image stabilization (OIS). Nonvolatile memory plays a crucial rule in the chips performing these roles for high quality and stable image production.

Even with careful process control, CCD and CIS makers still need nonvolatile memory to correct defective pixels and normalize sensor array variations like circuit properties and panel response times. eMemory provides comprehensive solutions for CIS process compatible NVM IPs like NeoBit, NeoFuse and NeoEE, enabling sensor array deviation trimming, defective pixel location recording and storage of calibration values at the CP, FT or system integration stage.

ISPs do the hard work of processing image signals from CIS/CCD sensors with color correction, gamma correction, resolution adjustment, white balance control, color interpolation and file codec processing. eMemory NeoFuse can help ISPs store these parameters, and trim data, firmware or security keys used in surveillance/defense industry applications.

Auto-focus actuators and OIS are usually designed with the VCM mechanical structure so that a camera module can get a sharp image signal. This system needs a dedicated driver to handle VCM responses to achieve precise position control. The VCM driver calculates several times while the chip, module and system assembly are in operation and calculated indexes must be stored in the driver. eMemory's zero mask added MTP solutions -- NeoEE and NeoMTP -- can be adopted easily to provide stable and cost-effective solutions to customers.

Solutions that increase efficiency, save space and improve yield

Logic compatible and available for CIS processes

eMemory’s NVM IPs use standard processes and can be adopted into CIS processes smoothly. We provide chip designers the advantages of advanced process availability, design portability and low power performance.

Field programmability

With eMemory’s NVM IPs, in-field programming is feasible without extra high voltage. We provide the flexibility of parameter trimming at different production stages.

Compact and cost-effective

eMemory’s NVM IPs are compact and can be used in low to medium density applications. Our NVM IPs require no additional masks or processing steps, thereby improving manufacturing yields and lowering production costs.