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NeoBit is a programmable logic device offering the industry’s most silicon-proven path to embedded OTP and Pseudo-MTP (PMTP) functionality.

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NeoBit adopts a logic-based architecture for embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) design that eliminates the need for additional masking layers or extra process steps typically associated with embedded NVM. NeoBit embeds seamlessly into various CMOS processes, including logic, mixed-mode, analog, radio-frequency(RF) and high-voltage(HV).

Technical Principles

NeoBit is composed of 2 p-MOSFET connected in serial, one as a floating gate transistor, and the other as a select transistor.

 NeoBit Technical Principles

NeoBit uses channel hot hole induces hot electron injection into floating gate (CHEI) to program the bit cell. The lateral high electric field accelerates holes and leads on electron-hole pair generation. The elections of electron-hole pairs inject into floating gate by coupling effect between floating gate and drain. Electrons stored in the floating gate turn on the channel of the p-type FG-MOSFET.


The process simplicity of NeoBit makes the technology extremely robust. High fabrication yields and fast time-to-market are the principal benefits of NeoBit design. An efficient programming interface also benefits short turnaround times with fast and reliable erasure through UV exposure. Additional advantages of NeoBit include low manufacturing/development cost and the industry’s widest process scalability.


NeoBit has a broad range of applications. These applications include code storage in micro-controllers, parameter setting in NB CAM controller, encryption in STB, fuse devices in memory redundancy designs, function selection in SoC chip and trimming for analog and RF circuits. NeoBit is the ideal replacement for traditional ROM and EPROM system designs.

NeoBit Products

NeoBit is offered in five product types, including OTP HD (High Density), OTP HR (High Reliability), OTP ULP (Ultra Low-Power), OTP GHD (Green Process) and PMTP HR (High Reliability) . Existing IPs with densities from 32 to 8M bits are available in CMOS technologies from 0.5um to 65nm.


NeoBit has been licensed to all major foundries. With eMemory's comprehensive technical support and foundry-guaranteed quality, incorporating NeoBit IP into any IC design is exceptionally fast and highly reliable.

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