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NeoROM Service converts NeoBit/NeoFlash/NeoMTP/NeoFuse IP to mask ROM-like characteristics for customers requiring efficient product-level testing and inventory management when products move into mass production

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What is NeoROM?

NeoROM is fully compatible with logic or logic-derivative processes, requiring no additional masking or extra process steps. NeoROM does not change the standard CMOS process, and, thus, results in no additional process costs. Process simplicity and flexibility not only make NeoROM extremely robust, but also deliver higher fabrication yields. NeoROM minimizes the time required during testing by as much as 90%.

Technical Principles

NeoBit converts to NeoROM with one poly mask change. The conversion process is simply and cost effective. Customers do not require secondary IC certification for the same chip size. The similar idea can be implemented in NeoFlash and NeoMTP technologies.

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