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What is Encryption?

Data security is highly important in data transmission applications, so most data transmission solutions make use of encryption keys to protect data. The encryption key itself may be licensed by the chip vendor or the integrated device manufacturer to ensure secure data transmissions. Such security measures are used widely in DTV or STB system.

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Encryption Applications

Benefits of Encryption with eMemory NVM IP

eMemory provides a complete embedded NVM solution with a flexible key license scheme that allows the encryption key to be stored on a host at either the chip vendor or the integrated device manufacturer.

Encryption with eMemory NVM IP has best flexibility
1. Using a floating gate structure, data is stored by electron in poly gate. No     physical points can be observed by IC DECAP.
2. Testable at the CP stage, in order to reduce yield loss at FT/Module/System/end-    user stages.
3. Optimized cost structure for various applications and densities.
4. Choice of OTP/PMTP/Flash solutions for different specification requests.
5. Silicon-proven at 17 major foundries, and over 140 qualified processes.
6. Support for logic, mixed-signal, RF, high voltage, BCD, SiGe, automotive and     low-power processes.

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