eMemory provides cost-effective and customized embedded NVM solutions to increase our partners’ product competitiveness. Each solution boasts distinctive features in order to meet diverse market demands. Major solutions include:


    NeoPUF is a hardware security technology based on physically unclonable variations occurring in the silicon manufacturing process.

Green Platform

    eMemory’s Green process uses 0.35um technology and redefined layout rules for fabrication at 0.18um (or 0.15xum, 0.13um) as part of a mask-reduction platform.

MagnaChip EEPROM

    The MagnaChip EEPROM series is a 2P4M non-volatile EEPROM IP block device that uses a MagnaChip SSTC EEPROM and is embedded into a Magnachip 0.18μm 1.8V/3.3V (5V) LP EEPROM process.