Green Platform

eMemory’s Green process uses 0.35um technology and redefined layout rules for fabrication at 0.18um (or 0.15xum, 0.13um) as part of a mask-reduction platform. It requires only 15 masks for 3.3V and 5V 1P3M processes and is an extremely cost-effective platform. Currently, OTP (NeoBit), EEPROM (NeoEE), and MTP (NeoMTP) technologies are available in this platform.

Fast Time to Market

Fewer mask layers, quicker wafer processing

Low Cost

Smaller OTP cell size can provide compact IP size

No inventory

Ship product after programming required code


Technical Principles

Green process requires only 14 masks for 3.3V or 5V single gate 1P3M process. The mask reduction comes from removal of ODR(Reverse Oxide Definition), DGO(Dual Gate Oxide) and N/P LDD implantation masks compare to dual gate generic process.

The relatively few masking layers correspond to a shorter fab cycle time and, as a result, a reduction in manufacturing costs of as much as 30%. Besides, the smaller cell size of the OTP (NeoBit), EEPROM (NeoEE), and MTP (NeoMTP) further reduces costs and waste.

Use Cases & Functionality 

The main application of the Green platform is code storage in microcontrollers or speech ICs.

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