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Quality Management and Methodology

eMemory’s quality management system has achieved ISO-9001 certification and uses systematic quality controls to guarantee that projects are carried out effectively and are subject to stringent verification procedures at each step of the way. This is how we consistently provide customers with the highest quality silicon IP. Our integrated work environment and system operations ensure that detailed information flows directly to the right project managers. eMemory’s main operational procedures and systems are outlined below.

  • All silicon IP data and related information (including IP catalog, verification status and foundry availability) are safely stored in our IP management system (IPMS) in order to enable customers to select IPs through our iService.

  • iService is the IP selection platform we provide to enable customers to find information quickly and easily.

  • Once customers find the eMemory silicon IP they are looking for, their specifications and special requirements go through our price quotation and IP specification system (IPS) and are transferred to the eMemory design team, who then draw up IP design objectives and test criteria.

  • Access to process design kits (PDK) from the foundry or IDM is strictly controlled via our PDK system. When the foundry or IDM issues a PDK revision notification, the PDK system informs the relevant engineers and managers, who then go into action.

  • Our Project Management System (PMS) is tailor-made to fit eMemory's silicon IP development and verification process. The system controls projects by defining tasks for each department in line with standard operating procedures (SOPs). The system integrates SOPs in a systematic flow that enables our engineers to carry out their assigned tasks with strict project and quality control. Each finished IP is safely stored in the IPMS system with its verification status updated.

  • All silicon IP development outputs and review histories are recorded in the PMS. Quality records, checklists and test reports are then transferred to the technical data center (TDC) to maintain unified document management.

  • Users can search for SOPs and technical documents via the TDC system or the document control center (DCC). Users can also apply for access authorization. Once authorized, users can access documents directly via the system.

  • After the silicon IP is delivered to customers, eMemory’s Fail Analysis Engineering (FAE) system will provide assistance if customers encounter any difficulties. This system keeps a detailed record of all past IP problems and their resolutions, so if a particular problem should reoccur; the database enables eMemory engineers to rapidly determine the problem’s source.

ISO-9001 Certificate