NeoPUF is a hardware security technology based on the physical unclonable variations occurring in silicon manufacturing process. The underlying benefit of using PUF (Physical Unclonable Function) in cryptography is its “uniqueness” and “unpredictability”. With NeoPUF IP, users are able to generate truly random sequences that can be used in applications with high security requirements. Our innovative technology can enable multi-layered security, and resolve PUF-related concerns such as additional costs of complicated ECC (Error Correction Code). The random number extracted via NeoPUF IP is so unique and unclonable that it can be used as silicon “fingerprint” for a wide range of security purposes, including encryption, identification, authentication, security key generation etc.

Technical Principles

NeoPUF’s randomness is obtained from inhomogeneous natural oxide properties occurring in IC manufacturing process – an ideal entropy source. We are able to extract uniformly-distributed binary bits through our innovative technology based on amplification and self-feedback mechanism. The extracted random bits are activated upon enrollment, and thanks to a large entropy bit pool, users are provided the desired flexibility to choose their own key-generation approaches.


NeoPUF technology stands out for its features of ideal randomness and an entropy pool of random bits up to 1024 kbits. In addition, our security functions are statistically-tested robust and reliable, unaffected by external influences including temperature and voltage.

Like all eMemory’s technologies, NeoPUF can be implemented in logic compatible process and does not require additional masks or process adaption. This specialty IP enables upgraded security due to the intrinsic randomness and self-encrypted feature.


Available Foundries TSMC/UMC
Technology Node 55nm 0.9V/2.5V ULP
Entropy Bit (Bit String) 256 Bits 512 Bits 1024 Bits
Bit Streams 256 IDs 128 IDs 64 IDs
Operating Temperature -40°C~125°C
Operating Voltage VDD/VDD2 1.1V/2.5V
Operation Modes PUF Enrollment
Burst Response
Built-in Self Test
Lifetime 10 Years


The chip embedded with NeoPUF IP can generate intrinsic and unique random numbers to make each chip unique with its own “fingerprint”. Such IC fingerprint is a multidimensional root of trust. It can be used for identification, authentication and encryption. It can generate public-private key pair to enhance hardware security in access control, data transmission, and network communication. It can also be used as digital signature of the hardware, as well as secure booting. NeoPUF is an ideal hardware security solution for IoT(Internet of Things) applications. It can also be used in a variety of areas such as data center, cloud computing, smartphone, smart car, smart card, and bio-electronics. Please visit to learn more about PUF-based security solutions.


eMemory’s NeoPUF technology has been successfully verified in 55nm ULP process and will be implemented in more NeoFuse-qualified platforms soon.