eMemory’s MTP technologies include NeoEE, NeoMTP, and NeoFlash. NeoEE and NeoMTP are programmable logic devices that offer embedded EEPROM/MTP and Flash/MTP functions, respectively. These devices contain the most minimal structures to be found in the industry. NeoFlash is a programmable SONOS device that requires 2 or 3 additional mask layers to offer embedded Flash/MTP functions and enable a greater variety of applications.

eMemory offers three proprietary MTP technologies and respective IPs.

NeoEE NeoMTP NeoFlash
Product Type MTP MTP MTP
Additional Mask Layers 0 0 2–3
Cell Scheme Floating Gate Floating Gate SONOS
Erasability Y (electrical) Y (electrical) Y (electrical)
Scalability Simple Simple Simple
Memory Density < 16Kb < 512Kb < 2Mb
Endurance 100K 1K 1K


Many eMemory MTP silicon IPs are available for different generations of logic, BCD, and high-voltage technologies and can be easily ported to derivative logic technologies-such as mixed-mode, RF, analog, high-voltage, and embedded memory-without necessitating a change of processes or device simulation models.


Silicon-proven at 13 major foundries world-wide.

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