eMemory’s MTP technologies include NeoEE, NeoMTP. NeoEE and NeoMTP are programmable logic devices that offer embedded EEPROM/MTP and Flash/MTP functions, respectively. These devices contain the most minimal structures to be found in the industry.

eMemory offers three proprietary MTP technologies and respective IPs.

Product Type MTP MTP
Additional Mask Layers 0 0
Cell Scheme Floating Gate Floating Gate
Erasability Y (electrical) Y (electrical)
Scalability Simple Simple
Memory Density < 16Kb < 512Kb
Endurance 100K 1K


Many eMemory MTP silicon IPs are available for different generations of logic, BCD, and high-voltage technologies and can be easily ported to derivative logic technologies-such as mixed-mode, RF, analog, high-voltage, and embedded memory-without necessitating a change of processes or device simulation models.


Silicon-proven at 13 major foundries world-wide.

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