Green NeoMTP


The Green process was designed by eMemory to maximize cost effectiveness by reducing mask count. Green NeoMTP is a cost-effective MTP built using the Green process.


Green NeoMTP is offered as a cost-effective solution for general type MCU applications. Existing silicon IPs with density up to 128k bits are available in 0.18um/0.153um CMOS Green process platforms, as listed below.

NeoMTP Green
Density 2k8~8k16
Process Nodes 0.18um/0.153um 3.3V or 5V
Retention 10 years @ 85° C
Program Power External Vpp pad or internal charge pump
Key Features Competitive production costs and wide operating voltage range


Green NeoMTP is very suitable for 8-bits microcontrollers (MCU) for code storage and data memory.


Green NeoMTP is being developed in 0.18um 5V Green process and 0.153um 5V Green process at two foundries.