Green NeoEE


NeoEE carries out electrical program/erase operations for 16k-bits (maximum) memory density and serves as a true rewritable memory technology, allowing up to 100K P/E cycling with zero additional masking layers. One category of NeoEE silicon IPs also incorporates byte-write function in order to replace external EEPROM. Compared to the latter, NeoEE boasts fast read speed and data-protection, which are added values for application customers.

NeoEE is available in a low mask-count Green process and can be combined with NeoBit for use in customized combo/hybrid silicon IPs, which makes it an ideal cost-effective Logic NVM solution for MCU makers.


Green NeoEE is a cost-effective alternative to external EEPROM for low-cost MCU products.

NeoEE Green
Density 1Kbits~16Kbits
Process Nodes 0.18um~0.153um
Retention 10 years at 85° C
Program Power Internal charge pump
Key Features Single voltage
Wide voltage range for external EEPROM replacement.


NeoEE can be applied in various product fields, such as user preference settings in IC cards, code storage in MCUs and RFICs, configuration settings in NFC controllers, fuse devices in memory redundancy designs, and parameter trimming for analog/RF/HV/BCD circuits. The core function of NeoEE technology enables frequent changes of system parameters, making NeoEE an ideal replacement for traditional external SPI flash and EEPROM chips.


Green process NeoEE is designed in densities up to 16k-bits and in 0.18um/0.153um Green processes. It is currently available at one foundry and under development at three more. Memory blocks in Green NeoEE can be set to x1, x8, or x16 IO-configurations.