Green NeoBit


Two types of NeoBit silicon IP are available on Green platforms: 3V and pure 5V. Cell sizes are 55% and 60% smaller, respectively, for 3V and 5V Green platforms compared to 0.18um standard logic processes. In addition, only 15 masks are needed for the 3.3V or 5V 1P3M processes; thus, Green NeoBit silicon IP offers customers an extremely cost-effective solution.


NeoBit 3.3V Green 5V Green
Density 512~16Mbits 7168~128Kbits
Process Nodes 0.18μm/0.15xμm 0.18μm/0.15xum/0.13μm
Retention >10 years @ 85° C >10 years @ 85° C
Program Power External Vpp pad or internal charge pump External Vpp pad or internal charge pump
Key Features Compact IP Size: 0.039 mm2 (for 512x8 IP)
0.12mm2 (for 4K16 IP)
Wide read operation range (1.2V~3.6V)
Compact IP Size: 0.046 mm2 (for 1K14 IP)
Wide read operation range (1.8V~5.5V)


Green NeoBit silicon IP provides code storage in microcontrollers or speech ICs.


Green NeoBit silicon IP is available at 6 foundries world-wide.