eMemory's OTP technologies, NeoBit and NeoFuse, are programmable logic devices that offer the industry’s most silicon-proven path to embedded OTP functions.

eMemory offers two proprietary OTP technologies and respective silicon IPs

NeoBit NeoFuse
Product Type OTP OTP
Additional Mask Steps 0 0
Cell Scheme Floating Gate Anti-Fuse
Erasability Yes (by UV) No
Scalability Simple Simple
Memory Density HD < 512Kb,GHD < 16Mb < 4Mb
Testability for Known-Good-Die Yes No


eMemory OTP silicon IPs are available for different generations of logic technology (0.5/0.35/0.25/0.18/0.16/0.13/0.11 um and 80/55/40/28/16/12/7 nm) and can be easily ported to derivative logic technologies-such as mixed-mode, RF, analog BCD, high-voltage, CMOS imaging sensors, FD-SOI and DRAM, embedded Flash or EEPROM memory-without requiring a change of processes or device simulation models.


Silicon-proven at 20 major foundries world-wide.