Touch Panel Controller


Touch panels, which may be broadly divided into resistive and capacitive types, are widely used in IT, CE, and industrial control applications as part of complete touch-sensing systems that also include touch panel controllers. Touch panel controllers calculate the location of a touch on the basis of the touch panel’s signal output.

NVM is commonly used for F/W code storage and configuration setting to suit a variety of display sizes and module stacking structures. F/W code can also be programmed to differentiate user-created gestures. eMemory provides a complete embedded NVM solution for touch-sensing applications.

NVM Silicon IPs for Touch Panel Controllers

Within the eMemory silicon IP family, NeoBit, and NeoMTP are particularly well-suited for touch panel applications. These silicon IPs can be used for code storage, trimming design parameters, setting system parameters, and calibrating parameter storage. In particular, NeoMTP is ideal for user-controlled configurations and firmware applications. eMemory provides touch panel customers with solutions with various endurance values, densities, and process technologies through multiple foundries.

Touch Panel Controller Block Diagram