STB Controller


Digital television is an emerging trend. Before they can be fully displayed, digital TV signals must be decoded by set-top boxes (STB). As analog circuit properties in STB systems may deviate from expected values, owing to process shifts, this deviation can be recorded in NVM for use in trimming. In addition, NVM can be used for encryption key storage in order to ensure data security and privacy. eMemory provides complete solutions for these applications.

NVM Silicon IPs for STB Controllers

NeoBit and NeoFuse can be used to store circuit parameter values and encryption keys in STB systems. Circuit parameters including Amplifier, DAC, Regulator, and PLL can be stored in NeoBit and NeoFuse. NeoBit and NeoFuse both offer highly flexible encryption key management by allowing encryption keys to be stored during IC production or at the system integration stage for HDMI and copy-protection applications. In addition, these silicon IPs allow users to adjust parameters at the CP or FT stage without the extra cost of additional masks.

STB Controller Diagram