Random Number Seed

What is Unclonable Random Number Generator?

Random number has long been used for security purposes. Algorithm-based methods of random number generation are vulnerable to attacks due to “predictability”. Even the so-called true random number generation, methods using seemingly “unpredictable” thermal noise or photoelectric effect, is not completely tamper-resistant as the external phenomenon is duplicatable. On the other hand, the technology of Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) is increasingly used in high-level security applications for its ability to generate a unique and unclonable number by taking advantage of nano-scale variations in IC manufacturing processes. The silicon PUF-based technology provides each chip with its own “fingerprint”, which can perform various security functions including identification setting, authentication, digital signature, root of trust, and secure booting. eMemory’s NeoPUF solution is available in a wide range of processes, and can be integrated into customers’design and manufacturing platforms in a relatively short time frame.

Benefits of RNG with eMemory NeoPUF IP

eMemory NeoPUF is a highly flexible and user-friendly IP solution and the benefits of using NeoPUF in random number generation / encryption include:

  • Unpredictable and Unclonable
    • Naturally created randomness through IC manufacturing processes
    • Unbiased data distribution
  • Highly Reliable
    • Unaffected by changes in temperature or voltage, and therefore no need for ECC
  • Tamper-resistant
    • Intrinsically physical-invisible security
    • Resistance against heat, electromagnetic radiation, aging, humidity etc..