Power Management IC


Power management ICs are core components in a variety of devices, including desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones, and LCD TVs. Using power management ICs to efficiently regulate and fine-tune power levels can be challenging, so power management ICs generally adopt fuse schemes with poly or metal trimming in order to supply the correct voltage. Traditionally, metal or poly fuses, which are physically destroyed when subject to overload, have been widely utilized; however, they have major drawbacks such as area penalty and cumbersome programming. Now, the innovative and competitive NeoBit technology solutions provided by eMemory can help power management IC vendors overcome these problems.

NVM Silicon IPs for Power Management ICs

Within the eMemory technology family, NeoBit, NeoFuse, and NeoEE are aimed at low-to-medium density and embedded OTP/PMTP/Flash applications with a fuse scheme in power management ICs. Specifically, this silicon IP series can be easily incorporated into HV or BCD processes without the need for extra masks. In addition, high manufacturing yields, including CP and FT yields can be attained in most professional foundries. Further benefits include fast time-to-market, low cost, and FT programmability.

PMIC Block Diagram