LED Management IC


LED arrays are popular in the illuminant market, and recent years have seen particular attention paid to applications in LED backlighting modules. An LED backlight system including an LED array and LED controller IC can replace a traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamp backlight. Because the brightness of LED arrays varies with ambient temperatures and time of operation, NVM is needed to record data on changes in brightness level to enable dynamic stabilization of these levels. In addition, deviations in LED controller IC properties caused by process shift can be offset by trimming parameters stored in NVM. eMemory provides complete solutions for these applications.

NVM Silicon IPs for LED Management

NeoBit can resolve problems caused by deviations in brightness level in LED arrays. LED array brightness parameters at different temperatures and operating durations are recorded in a look-up table (LUT) in NeoBit, enabling the system to refer to these LUT data in order to adjust and stabilize the array’s illuminant output. Values for circuit properties can also be recorded in NeoBit and NeoFuse to enable trimming and so achieve the desired performance.

LED Management IC Block Diagram