LCD TV Controller


LCD is gradually replacing CRT as the mainstream choice in televisions, and the HDMI interface has also become popular. HDMI data transmission requires NVM to store the HDCP key which is used to complete HDCP-compliant secure transmission. NVM is also used to store information about the video formats supported by the HDMI receiver. Moreover, NVM finds application in the measuring and storing of values for circuit properties such as analog interface in a TFT LCD television controller, which enables trimming and thus makes it possible to fine tune performance.

NVM Silicon IPs For TFT LCD TV Controller

NeoBit and NeoFuse can store built-in HDCP keys at either the IC production stage or system integration stage. In EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) applications, a built-in solution can serve as the EDID storage medium, as described in the HDMI specification. NeoBit and NeoFuse can record the values of circuit properties such as ADC, DAC, PLL, regulator, current, and voltage. These values can be calibrated during the FT or system integration stage.

TFT LCD TV Controller Block Diagram