TFT LCD Driver


Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) have found application in cell phones, PDAs, digital still cameras, and portable gaming consoles. Lighter, thinner, smaller and shorter form factors are essential for portable devices like these. A single-chip driver is the best solution as it integrates panel driver, data processing core, frame memory, column driver and row driver by mounting them directly on the panel. A non-volatile memory (NVM) solution is best in terms of achieving the programmability and flexibility necessary to enable liquid crystal gamma curve tuning, over-driving (OD) schemes, common voltage settings, and ID coding. NVM also has the advantage of simplifying system development and reducing production costs.

NVM Silicon IPs for LCD Drivers

NeoBit and NeoFuse are eMemory silicon IPs that are particularly well suited for LCD driver applications. NeoBit and NeoFuse can be used to set or trim essential LCD driver parameters such as gamma values, reference voltage level, regulator frequency, and common voltage level, which have made these silicon IPs very popular among LCD manufacturers and driver IC vendors. NeoBit and NeoFuse also enable the use of LCD panels with adaptive gamma correction to adjust for video content, color, and viewing conditions, while facilitating integration with Look-Up-Table (LUT) circuits. NeoBit and NeoFuse are available in a variety of technologies and configurations through multiple foundries.

LCD Driver Block Diagram