Image Capture Controller


Image signal processors have become popular in a wide range of devices, including still cameras, video cameras, automobiles, security and monitoring equipment, computers, and so forth. The properties of image sensors, including CCD and CMOS devices, may deviate from idealized values depending on the manufacturing process used, and this may in turn affect final image quality. For this reason, NVM is used to record the actual values of a given image sensor, which can then be utilized to trim away the deviation. NVM can also record the location of defective pixels in an image sensor in order to facilitate compensation as well as the properties of analog circuits to enable trimming to correct for analog circuit deviation. eMemory provides complete solutions for these NVM applications.

NVM Silicon IPs for Image Capture Controller

NeoBit and NeoFuse can be used to record parameters for sensor values of CCD/CMOS sensors. Storage of settings for trimming and defect compensation can be executed at the CP or FT stage. Both NeoBit and NeoFuse can also record values for circuit properties and panel response times for trimming purposes. The circuit properties include: overdrive (in a look-up table), ADC, DAC, PLL, regulator, current, and voltage. Values for these properties can be calibrated at the FT or system integration stage.

Image Signal Block Diagram