Function Selection

What is Function Selection?

A complex design may be composed of segments with different capabilities. Function selection enables each individual segment and its function to be turned on or off, with the resulting settings stored on the chip in NVM.


Product Target Proposed Usage eMemory NVM Silicon IP
All Product Enable or disable SoC functions Setting in CP stage or FT/system stage Density: 8~128 bits
P/E Cycle: 1~10
IP: NeoBit, NeoFuse

Benefits of function selection with eMemory Logic NVM Silicon IPs

For function selection application, eMemory NVM IP offers optimal flexibility and many other benefits:

  • Testable at CP stage, thus reducing yield loss at FT/Module/System stages.

  • Optimized cost structures for a range of applications and densities.

  • Silicon-proven at 20 major foundries and available in over 250 qualified processes.

  • Support for logic, mixed-signal, RF, high-voltage, BCD, SiGe, automotive, and low-power processes.