Code Storage

What is Code Storage?

Controller ICs (such as MCUs) require non-volatile memory to store program code and data for regular operation.


Product Target Proposed Usage eMemory NVM Silicon IP
MCU Program Code Storage Setting in foundry stage, CP stage or FT/system stage Density: 4K~512K bit
P/E Cycle: 1~1K
IP: NeoBit, NeoFuse, NeoFlash, NeoMTP

Benefits of code storage with eMemory Logic NVM Silicon IPs

ASICs use Mask ROM or external Flash to meet their memory requirements, but the cost is high and such designs have limited flexibility. eMemory provides embedded NVM solutions with various endurance specifications for MCU code storage applications. MCU codes can be stored at the foundry stage, CP stage, or FT (system) stage.

eMemory Logic NVM Silicon IP offers superior flexibility and many other benefits for code storage application, including:

  • Testable at the CP stage, thus reducing yield loss at FT/Module/System stages.

  • Optimized cost structures for a range of applications and densities.

  • Smallest silicon IP size for mainstream processes of consumer ICs.

  • OTP/Flash solutions available for different specification needs.

  • Fast NeoROM service reduces testing cost when shipping chips in bulk.

  • Silicon-proven at 20 major foundries and available in over 250 qualified processes.

  • Support for logic, mixed-signal, RF, high voltage, BCD, SiGe, automotive, and low-power processes.