Smart Card


Smart card, a secure and portable device embedded with integrated circuit, provides multiple functions of personal identification, authentication, data storage, and application processing. Available in various forms from plastic cards, key fobs, watches, SIM to USB-based tokens, smart cards are increasingly integrated to modern life and widely used in access cards, financial transactions, public transit, healthcare and border controls. The embedded ICs can enable intelligent interactions between the cards, the readers and the systems. Security features in the ICs are essential to secure payment and authentication systems. eMemory’s security solution, featuring the physical unclonable functions extracted from IC manufacturing processes, can provide high-level protections and be integrated into design and manufacturing processes at a relatively short time frame.

NVM Silicon IPs for Smart Card

Among eMemory’s silicon IP family, EcoBit, NeoFuse, and NeoPUF are especially well suited to smart card application. EcoBit, NeoFuse, and NeoPUF are highly flexible and the cost-effective alternatives to conventional solutions. By implementing eMemory’s logic-based IP in smart card IC, customers can enjoy large margins and significant time-saving during production as well as optimal performance and impressive yields, all without the need for extra masks. EcoBit, NeoFuse, and NeoPUF are compatible with logic-based processes and are available in a variety of technologies and configurations through several foundries

Smart Card Functional Block Diagram