Social Responsibility


Climate change poses serious environmental, social, and economic threats to our world. As global citizens, we take seriously our role in protecting the environment.

eMemory is dedicated to using sustainable practices in daily operations and product design. We proactively perform regular audits of office facilities, data system infrastructures, and internal process flows in order to reduce long-term greenhouse gas emissions. We have also adapted our daily work environments to use energy-efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems, and paperless electronic data centers so as to minimize overall energy consumption. All of these measures help to ensure our activities are as sustainable as possible.

Green Product Development

With advances in semiconductor manufacturing processes and the increasing complexity of IC design, silicon IP can now be used to enhance the efficiency of the IC design process and to shorten the development period. eMemory supports sustainability by continuing to develop advanced semiconductor process technologies that support customers’ designs and so produce the most advanced, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly products.

Features of eMemory silicon IPs

  • Easy integration
  • Easy porting
  • Easy manufacturing
  • Compatible to any processes
  • Reduced manufacturing steps

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