About eMemory

Corporate Overview

eMemory Technology Inc. is the world’s largest pure-play developer and provider of logic-based non-volatile memory (Logic NVM) technology. The company licenses its silicon intellectual property (Silicon IP) to semiconductor foundries, integrated devices manufacturers (IDMs), and fabless design houses around the world.

eMemory’s proprietary silicon IP technologies include NeoBit, NeoFuse, NeoMTP, NeoEE and NeoPUF. Products developed from these core technologies have already been embedded in more than 37.5 billion integrated circuits used in various applications, such as consumer, industrial, automotive, etc...

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Logic NVM Silicon IP Platform

eMemory has focused solely on addressing the embedded memory requirements of foundry partners, IDMs, and individual fabless design house customers. This commitment has led us to accumulate unrivalled design, processing, and engineering know-how. It has also helped us develop the industry’s most comprehensive platform of logic NVM silicon IP technologies, products, services, and solutions.

Today, eMemory’s logic NVM silicon IP platform provides fabless design houses with superior vendor flexibility and process portability; we give IDMs process scalability and valuable process engineering know-how; and foundry partners gain access to hundreds of potential customers through us.


  • Over 25 million wafers shipped by now
  • 23 foundry partners world-wide
  • 10 IDM coverage world-wide
  • Over 1,600 verified NVM IP
  • Over 4,500 cumulative design license

Commitment to a Full-Service Model

At eMemory, we pride ourselves on providing a full-service solution that sees the integration of eMemory logic NVM silicon IP from the initial design stages to fabrication. eMemory’s Design Service Solution (DSS) is the industry’s most complete silicon IP licensing service package.

A Brief History

eMemory was one of the industry’s first technology developers to concentrate explicitly on logic NVM technologies, beginning as early as 2000. By late 2002, eMemory had been fully qualified and subsequently licensed its first logic NVM silicon IP technology—NeoBit—to Chartered Semiconductor of Singapore (now GLOBALFOUNDRIES).

The early success of our partnership with GLOBALFOUNDRIES—the first foundry to foresee the potential of logic NVM silicon IP in increasingly sophisticated SoC designs—resulted in cooperation opportunities with leading fabless design houses and, eventually, other world-class foundries and integrated device manufacturers. To date, eMemory has worked with over 1,550 fabless design customers, 10 IDMs, and 23 foundry partners from 30 countries.

Following the success of NeoBit, NeoFuse, NeoMTP, NeoEE and NeoPUF, which have all seen great success. eMemory offers diversified silicon IP production lines to meet a range of product endurance and density requirements. eMemory's superior technology and silicon IPs help customers effectively reduce time and development costs, making us the best choice for customers looking for an logic NVM partner.